Dance History 3502: Historical, sociological, and cultural development of dance as a performing art in Western Europe and the United States of America including the cultural, aesthetic, structural, and functional contributions from Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and Latin America. While the course covers dance as a performing art from 1450 to the present, emphasis is on 20th century concert dance in the United States. 

Prior to the travel to Israel to participate in the Batsheva Gaga Summer Intensive in Tel Aviv, Alisha Ragon and I engaged in research about Ohad Naharin's work 'Virus' in relation to concepts of decolonization and resistance art. Born out of an aesthetic and visceral interest in this work, we sought to uncover layers of complexity within the work. 

Thesis: Culminating in a single performance of ‘Virus’, three separate works of modern art present resistance to colonisation, centered on occupied Palestine. Ohad Naharin’s choreography, a musical score by Karni Postel, and a live visual art piece created by the dancers are mutually exclusive works of political art, yet are paired to elevate the cause of each artwork and the potent political potential of resistance art within the post-modernist sensibility in the twenty first century.